Green Roofing

A green roof system is a vegetation filled roof system which is applied above a traditional high quality flat or low slope roof. Green roof systems are an aesthetically pleasing change to the conventional roof and also offer many attractive benefits. The soil and vegetation act as a natural landscape, which stays cooler during warm weather and reduces the surface temperatures of your roof (thereby lowering the energy costs for your home).

The system also reduces the “heat island” effect. It provides a natural cooling effect by mimicking natural landscape that is not available in urban settings. The life of your roof system is extended because the vegetation and growth media protect the membrane from temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet radiation. In some cases this can almost double the lifespan of your roof while reducing traditional maintenance costs.

In addition to the financial benefits – which include raising the overall value of your home – there are also benefits to the environment. Green roof systems will create a natural landscape and habitat, improve air quality, and reduce storm water runoff through natural water absorption.

We work closely with our clients to provide the best options for their home and budget. We handle and coordinate all elements of your green roof project, from installation of the roofing and irrigation systems to planting and maintenance. This allows you the convenience of dealing with one (rather than multiple) contractors.